Benefits of why eating healthy is good for our bodies

Frothy, light and super healthy green smoothie
Guide on how to make green smoothies
July 27, 2015
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Simple breakfast sandwich
August 13, 2015
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Benefits of why eating healthy is good for our bodies

Raw fruits, vegetables, eating healthy

Whole foods, raw plants, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds are not only packed with tons of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, protein and healthy fats, they also keep our energy level high and nourishing our bodies. Most importantly healthy food is fun, happy and exciting. Wouldn’t you want to  feel young at all the time? I certainly do and making healthy choices allows me to do so. :-)




  1. Eating healthy makes me happy
  2. I can eat what I want
  3. I feel light on my feet and full of energy
  4. I sleep great
  5. My skin and hair is soft
  6. Doctor visits are minimal
  7. My mind works like a clock
  8. I do not feel sluggish and tired
  9. My body is in balance with my mind
  10. My energy attracts like minded people
The-magic-of seeds-variety-2015

Flax, chia, black sesame, hemp, sesame, sunflower and pepita seeds

Raw fruits and vegetables

Raw fruits and vegetables are great source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes…


The wonderful taste of fresh herbs, Fresh basil, mint, rosemary and dill.

What do I eat through out the day?

My mornings start with a glass of water, lemon added, to hydrate and cleanse my body. Followed up by a green smoothie of course  I can not be without my green smoothie for a day. I feel like a wilting flower if I do not have one. WARNING- green smoothies are addictive :-)

After that I either eat oatmeal, homemade granola or some sort of grain with lots of fresh fruits or plain yogurt, nuts or seeds.

I drink plenty of water through out the day.

I like to snack before lunch and it is usually some vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery) dipped in hummus or sprouted tortillas with homemade salsa.  I enjoy a big bowl of salad with lots of greens and fresh veggies on top with homemade dressing for lunch.  I might sip on more smoothie later on or have more fruit. Dinner is usually consists of carbohydrates (quinoa, couscous, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and potatoes with steamed or baked vegetables). I do not watch how much I eat, my body tells me what it needs usually. I do not follow any restrictions I just eat clean food that nourishes my body.


Our bodies are all different and what works for me might not work for you. I strongly believe if you eat whole foods you will be on your way to better health. This is not a diet……this is a lifestyle. Remember food is joy! Listen to your body and pick what works the best for you.


Did I forget to mention that I love sweets? You do too? Well we are friends already then lol. I know what you are thinking….healthy eating and sweets do not really go together!

Any little sweet treat can be made with healthier ingredients and especially raw treats.

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