About Us

Have you ever been to Czech republic? If yes, I'm sure you can agree that it's a beautiful place with lots of history and charm and if not.....well it is time for you to go. I'm Lenka and I grew up in small village in a country previously called Czechoslovakia. My family, my grandma and grandpa had a farm and that is how I fell in love with plants, fresh vegetables, fruits and the great feeling of growing your own food. I did not know then how powerful experience and lessons I was learning. To me it was just our everyday life. Who new this life style would be almost forgotten? I had the most amazing and happy childhood and I can not wait to share my stories with you. My love for fresh, organic, juicy, full of color, deliciously tasting food is very obvious and I hope you will enjoy my recipes as much as I do. I do not promote any diets, being vegetarian or vegan, etc.....I enjoy whole foods, green smoothies, lots of raw plants, vegetables and fruits, sprouted pretty much anything, nuts, seeds and rest of the beautiful things nature has to offer. I eat seafood only. Maybe once in a month. There will not be much animal protein in my recipes but I hope this won't stop you from coming back. Our body is our power house and our mind is what keeps us going so we need to take care of ourselves. Fuel your bodies with the freshest ingredients, enjoy the outdoors, exercise, be happy, be silly and live your life to the fullest! Just like me..... OK.....enough talking, let's get to work and make some goodies!!! Come and join me


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Living one with nature

We are surrounded by beauty all the time. It's only up to us which way we decide to look.

Body and mind power

Be thankful for all that surrounds you, and live your life in peace.

Eating healthy

Our body is our power house. Fuel your body with only the best Mother nature has to offer.


Open your mind to endless opportunities that will leave you feeling energized and satisfied.

Beginnings of a healthy lifestyle